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Save Central Hill Community is a group of residents (both tenants and leaseholders) who are working together to challenge Lambeth Council’s proposed plans for our estate. This website is a collaborative effort and does not represent the voice of just one resident. The aim is to be a useful resource for residents and local organisations as well as a forum for campaigning and raising the profile of what is happening on our estate.

Central Hill is one of six estates identified by Lambeth for ‘regeneration’; this is a real threat to our community, as evidence so far indicates that Lambeth are likely to push for demolition rather than repairing or refurbishing existing homes. We are very aware of the housing shortage in London and the many families waiting for accommodation in Lambeth; we believe, however, there are opportunities for increasing housing on and around the estate and that Lambeth’s approach is unnecessarily destructive of our community. The full implications of the ‘regeneration’ are outlined elsewhere on this website and we will update you as we find out more.

The Save Central Hill Community campaign group formed in February 2015 and began by meeting in local pubs to talk about what all this might mean. At that stage, Lambeth had shared very little information and it quickly became clear that the majority of residents on the estate had no idea their homes were at risk, and no idea of the potential impact of ‘regeneration’ on their lives. Lambeth had held initial workshops in December 2014, at which residents were first made aware that there were plans for redevelopment. However, no specific information was provided at these meetings about what this could mean, and instead residents were given surveys asking them what they like and dislike about the estate. Many who attended felt deceived when they later found out that, in fact, their homes are under threat and their responses are being used to inform decisions they had not been fully informed about.

The Save Central Hill Community group realised we needed to act quickly – a final decision had been timetabled by Lambeth for June 2015. The first step was to increase resident awareness and so an estate-wide meeting was organised by the group for 21st March 2015. This was attended by about 120 people (See SCHC press release 25 03 15) and was the beginning of a growing grassroots campaign – led by residents and supported by our neighbours and local groups.

Broadly, our objectives are to:

  • raise awareness and understanding among the community
  • widen resident participation in the decisions that affect them and support vulnerable residents
  • demand greater transparency and answers from Lambeth Council
  • fight for meaningful resident participation
  • show Lambeth that there are alternatives to their ‘knock it down and start again’ approach
  • protect and celebrate our community

For press enquiries please email: centralhillestateresidents@gmail.com or send us a tweet @savecentralhill and one of us will get back to you asap.

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