Central Hill Estate TRA – Notice of Special General Meeting on 8th June 2015

A Special General Meeting for the Central Hill Estate Tenants Residents Association (TRA) has been called.

This will take place at 7pm on Monday 8th June 2015. The meeting will take place at the Lunham Road Day Centre.

Residents are strongly urged to come to this meeting to hear what the Lambeth’s plans are for the TRA and resident participation in these deeply uncertain times.

Lambeth have now agreed to set up a regeneration ‘steering group’ to enable formal communication between residents and council officers, it is our understanding that this will be separate from the TRA and is to be chaired by an independent person.

However – they have not made clear whether they are recruiting for this group at the meeting on 8th June. If you are interested in being part of the steering group then please do attend the meeting – this may be your only opportunity. We have asked Lambeth to clarify whether the elections for the group will take place on the same night and are awaiting a response…

The legally required notice has not been sent out to residents by post and Lambeth have instead asked the TRA committee to do a leaflet drop of the estate – all 470 homes! Given that this is such an important meeting this is unacceptably poor practice from Lambeth. So, please make sure your neighbours and friends on the estate are aware and get as many of them along as possible. We need to show Lambeth they can’t put people off getting involved and that this community has a lot to say!

The notice for the meeting reads:

“We are calling a Special General Meeting to get residents interested in what goes on the estate to consider standing for the TRA committee. This follows the retirement of our chair after 40 years of working on behalf of residents. The TRA works closely with the housing service to ensure communal repairs are chased up and the estate is kept clean & tidy. We are also keen to run activities residents would be interested in such as fun days, or food growing or maybe a homework club.

If you are interested in joining the committee come along to the Special General Meeting on Monday 8th June at 7pm in Lunham Road Day Centre. It means attending a monthly committee meeting which are normally held in the evening as well as helping with activities you may be interested in.

There is a separate process for residents just interested in the Regeneration proposals for the estate and the Council will be recruiting residents for the steering group but the TRA will concentrate on the day to day matters that affect the estate.”

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