Central Hill in The Observer today…

Great piece on Central Hill Estate by Rowan Moore in the Observer today:

Housing Estates: if they aren’t broke…


To add to the arguments put forward by Rowan in support of our campaign to save the estate, there is also a huge human cost to this situation as summarised by one of our residents on social media today:

“Tenants will be offered choice of a home on the estate but will lose their secure tenancy if they accept this, or they can keep secure tenancy (though we don’t know how new Housing Bill may affect this) and move elsewhere in Lambeth – this would require tenants to bid along with all others on Lambeth housing waiting list. That’s thousands of people! Ultimately many if they choose not to stay would be forced out of the area.

Leaseholders will be bought out by the council, given the rising costs of housing in CP [Crystal Palace] most won’t be able to stay in the area with the amount they’ll get. Leaseholders can buy a new property on the rebuilt estate but would need to be able to afford 60% of cost for shared equity – but these properties will be valued at much higher prices – and many residents won’t be able to transfer or get a new mortgage anyway”.

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