Greens offer advice to Lambeth Council in regards to proposed regeneration 02/04/15

Brixton Buzz published an article on 02/04/15 discussing an open letter sent to Lambeth Council by the Green Party’s Tom Chance. This was sent in response to Lambeth criticising the Greens for their support of Central Hill residents and offered a number of helpful suggestions for meaningful resident engagement and clarifying his position in relation to Central Hill.

Tom’s letter raises some interesting points and can be read in full here:

The Save Central Hill Community group have welcomed Tom’s advice and support as an expert on housing and a local resident himself. When we are kept in the dark by our elected representatives on the so called ‘co-operative’ Council, it falls to us to find the information and expertise to equip and educate ourselves as a community.  This has included speaking with Tom, along with other local groups including Transition Town Crystal Palace and local journalists and activists. We feel very lucky to have such a fantastic community around us as we fight the destruction of our estate.

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