Lambeth’s draft ‘offer’ to residents

These are the draft offers sent to residents by Lambeth Council in April 2015.

Lambeth draft information for secure tenants

Lambeth draft information for homeowners

These offers have been sent to residents on all Lambeth estates under threat of forced regeneration.

Some were available at the drop in session held by Lambeth on 21st March, however when officers were questioned on the content they were unable to answer residents questions on the documents. Apparently the detail is still being worked out…

If you raise any questions about these offers – please direct them to the Regeneration Team and Cllr Matthew Bennett (contact details can be found here) and post feedback here or email to and we will collate and post responses.

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2 Responses to Lambeth’s draft ‘offer’ to residents

  1. Gill says:

    I lived most of my early years (1970’s) in an estate on the other side of Central Hill (Rochdale)

    I’m no authority on this but it sounds similar to the Barnet regeneration of the West Hendon Estate … where the residents couldn’t afford the new homes … are there lessons that can be learnt from the tenants groups there about how to respond to the proposals?

    I’m guessing you’re already part of London Tenants org?

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