Is my home included in the regeneration?

Here is a map of the estate and areas subject to Lambeth’s ‘regeneration’. This was provided by Lambeth when the first drop in sessions were organised.

Regardless of whether you are a tenant, leaseholder or freeholder, if your home is included in the circled areas then it is at risk. We don’t know at this stage whether any of the estate will be retained and the evidence of other estates and comments by Lambeth so far suggests demolition is most likely.

map of estate for regen_001

If you weren’t aware that you are affected by the regeneration programme – you’re not alone! Lots of residents have reported not having any idea that this was happening. Do read the information here about the draft offers for residents and there are contact details here for your elected representatives and council officers.

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Cllr Bennett and the mystery of the financial models…

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Residents have consistently told Cllr Bennett that in order to be properly consulted they must be provided with the full facts – this is the ‘co-operative council’ after all, and it’s hardly rocket science that transparency would hopefully encourage residents … Continue reading

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PRP architects – friend or foe?

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In November 2014 Lambeth appointed PRP architects “to develop consultation-led regeneration options” for the Central Hill estate. PRP were quick to shout about this on their website before most residents were even aware their homes were at risk: The … Continue reading

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People of Central Hill #4

Kimberly, resident since 2013

Kimberly, resident since 2013


“From the day I moved in, when several friends came over to help me unpack, my flat has felt like home. I ended up having an impromptu party that afternoon and have loved entertaining here ever since.

I also feel really lucky to have become good friends with my neighbour, who moved in a few months after me”


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Lambeth’s draft ‘offer’ to residents

These are the draft offers sent to residents by Lambeth Council in April 2015.

Lambeth draft information for secure tenants

Lambeth draft information for homeowners

These offers have been sent to residents on all Lambeth estates under threat of forced regeneration.

Some were available at the drop in session held by Lambeth on 21st March, however when officers were questioned on the content they were unable to answer residents questions on the documents. Apparently the detail is still being worked out…

If you raise any questions about these offers – please direct them to the Regeneration Team and Cllr Matthew Bennett (contact details can be found here) and post feedback here or email to and we will collate and post responses.

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Who’s who in Lambeth regeneration …and how can I contact them?

COUNCIL OFFICERS Marcus Shukla Housing Projects Officer email: tel: 0207 926 3649 Lucia Deere Lambeth Regeneration Team Manager Contact details to follow… Neil Vokes Programme Director Strategic Capital Projects, Business, Growth and Regeneration email: tel: 0207 926 3068 … Continue reading

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People of Central Hill #3


Wendy, Mark and kids

Wendy, Mark and kids, resident 12 years

“We love our very well designed home and the community we live in. We’re right in the heart of Crystal Palace and have been living here for over 12 years.

One of many special things to have happened here would be our second child being born upstairs. She was in a definite hurry and would not wait!”

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Greens offer advice to Lambeth Council in regards to proposed regeneration 02/04/15

Brixton Buzz published an article on 02/04/15 discussing an open letter sent to Lambeth Council by the Green Party’s Tom Chance. This was sent in response to Lambeth criticising the Greens for their support of Central Hill residents and offered a number of … Continue reading

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Residents interviewed on Croydon Radio 28/03/15

A group of residents were interviewed by Mark Pickering for his show Croydon Matters on Croydon Radio.

You can listen again to the podcast here:

Mark is particularly interested and supportive of the campaign as he lived on the West Hendon Estate for over 30 years where something similar is happening.

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Tenant or leaseholder and think this won’t affect you?

Secure tenant or leaseholder and think this won’t affect you?

Read this open letter from Cressingham Gardens to their MP. It raises important points about affordability of a new build estate for current residents. These same issues apply in Central Hill.…/open-letter-to-mp-…/

Just one example:

The market value of the new properties will increase. Council rents are worked out using this as one part of the calculation, as does Council Tax – so you are likely to end up paying more rent and council tax in a new home in the estate. This is what has happened at Myatts Field, another ‘regenerated’ estate in Lambeth.

It is vital that residents are made aware of the real costs to them.

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