PPCR resident drop in sessions – February 2016

PPCR Associates have been appointed as Central Hill Estate’s Independent Resident Advisors. They held their first drop in sessions with residents during the week of 8th -13th February 2016.

PPCR provided the following information to explain their role:

Who are PPCR?         Who are PPCR? 2

At the drop in sessions PPCR asked residents to look at Lambeth’s ‘key guarantees’ and the design principles developed by the Resident Engagement Panel. They asked residents to put red, yellow or green stickers against the statements on each of these posters rating them from most to least important to us. We were also asked to write comments on post it notes.

So no new information, more post it notes and stickers and the PPCR representatives, while very pleasant, weren’t able to answer more in depth questions about the regeneration programme. Deja vu anyone?!

The message seemed to be that residents would have very little influence until the masterplanning stage – after the decision has been made by Lambeth Council to demolish and rebuild the estate. Still no one seems keen to ask the more direct question of residents – which option do you prefer: repair, refurb, partial or full demolition?

Here is the information provided by PPCR at the sessions for those of you who weren’t able to attend:

“The Design Principles for Central Hill”

Design Principles for Central Hill

“The make up of the new estate”

(…though of course Lambeth haven’t made a decision yet!)

The make up of your new estate 1    The make up of your new estate 2

“What is Homes for Lambeth?”

What is Homes for Lambeth? 1    What is Homes for Lambeth? 2

Information for tenants

Your home your new tenancy leaflet 1          Your home your new tenancy leaflet 2

Summary of key guarantees for tenants 1

Summary of key guarantees for tenants 2

Information for homeowners

Key guarantees for homeowners leaflet 1      Key guarantees for homeowners leaflet 2

Summary of key guarantees for homeowners 1

Summary of key guarantees for homeowners 2

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