Update – consultation events CANCELLED and decision DELAYED

It has now been announced by the Resident Engagement Panel (we have heard nothing official from Lambeth) that the consultation events in February 2016 have been cancelled.

The only explanation given is that ‘they [Lambeth] are not ready’. We can’t help but wonder if recent support for the estateĀ in the national press may have something to do with this…

Lambeth have also toldĀ the Resident Engagement Panel that the decision on Central Hill has again been put back – to June 2016.

Central Hill estate has now been in ‘consultation’ since December 2014. Residents haven’t been shown a single plan or drawing for the proposed regeneration. There hasn’t been an estate wide drop in or workshop since 28th March 2015. Residents remain in the dark and in deep uncertainty about their futures while the regeneration continues to hang over their heads.

Meanwhile the REP have been working very hard to try and get information from Lambeth, there have been delays and excuses. Plans have been shown and then ‘taken off the table’. Lambeth won’t share financial models. This makes it impossible for the REP to give a clear picture to residents of what is happening. These are tactics that have been seen in other regeneration schemes – confuse residents and wear them out!

We await further information and will update when we know more…

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